Artwork of Comet
Gender Female
First Appearance Cosmic Baton Girl Comet-san episode 1.
Last Appearance Cosmic Baton Girl Comet-san episode 43.
Cause/Reason Search for the missing prince of Tambourine Star-World.
Age Around 12.
Born Harmonica Star-World
Birth Place Harmonica Star-World
Occupation Princess
Parents Unamed father and mother.
Sibling(s) None
Aunts and Uncles Spica (aunt)
Cometto-san is the protagonist of Cosmic Baton Girl Comet-san, she is a princess of the distant planet Harmonica Star-World who came to Earth in order to find the missing Prince of Tambourine Star-World who have fleed to our Planet in order avoid having to propose with Princess Comet herself or Princess Meteo from Castanet Star-World. Despite this, she mostly wishes to enjoy Earth culture pretty much like her own mother did in the past.


Cometto-san is usually kind hearthed around everyone around her. Since she is still unfamiliar with Earth culture, it's pretty natural for her being confused about things which she doesn't know. Also, she is not the type of girl who would hurt others even when angered and she always avoid possible conlicts, in special with Meteo-san who consider her as a rival. She may often insult somebody only if that person is really rude with her for no reason, like Keisuke at first. But, most of time she preffer having new friends and enjoy life.


  • This version of Comet is completely different from the classic Cometto-san from the 60s, she is a girl coming from Harmonica Star-World while the original came from Planet Beta.
  • It's not quite explained why Cometto-san got the Miracle Power transformation, her aunt Spica said it's the power of the feelings. However it's still vague how she got it, since many Star-World citizens doesn't seem to have that ability.
  • Cometto-san was nicknamed as "Komatta-san" which means "troubled person". The writting is also similar to her own name in japanese.
  • Cometto-san is seem changing from Star-Power dress to Miracle Power dress during the 2nd season opening, however it never happens during the anime.
  • Cometto-san appear dressed as Princess Sapphire from Ribon no Kishi during the episode "The Mischievous Cupid".
  • Cometto-san is a playable character in the shooter doujin game Etoile Stars.
  • Cometto-san is a playable character in both doujin games Magical Heroines Plus and Magical Chaser: Stardust of Dreams.


Image Gallery

Cometto-san in episode 2.


Cometto-san with a worried expression.


Cometto-san as she appear in the intro.


Cometto-san again.


Cometto-san with summer clothes.


Cometto-san reciting a spell with her Star-Power dress.