Artwork of Meteo-san
Gender Female
First Appearance Cosmic Baton Girl Comet-san episode 1.
Last Appearance Cosmic Baton Girl Comet-san episode 43.
Cause/Reason Search for the missing prince of Tambourine Star-World.
Age Around 12.
Birth Place Castanet Star-World
Occupation Princess
Parents Unamed father and mother.
Sibling(s) None
Other Relatives Mook (star-world creature servant)
Meteo-san is a major character appearing in Cosmic Baton Girl Cometto-san, she is Comet-san's self proclaimed rival and came to Earth in order to find the missing prince of Tambourine Star-World before Comet-san herself can. However, instead of searching for clues on her own, Meteo-san preffer to spy on Comet and investigate her clues to later get the upper hand in the end. But, since Comet is not quite interested in searching for the Prince, Meteo mostly get unwillingly helping her instead and only learning it in the end.


While Cometto-san is kind and well manered, Meteo is instead boastful, spoiled and rude. Although Meteo-san can be cruel, she can still be kind. However, she don't show that kind side very much. She is also paranoid which may put herself in trouble or even made herself help Cometto-san without even knowing. Meteo-san doesn't mind to miss-use her powers to the point she may even manipulate people for her bidding like a aged childless couple who she made then thing she was their daughter and even a pre-school kid who turned her personal spy.


  • Meteo-san is a character which never existed in the previous live action versions of Cosmic Baton Girl Cometto-san. She was made exclusively for the 2001 anime.
  • Meteo-san also got the Miracle Power ability, however it's not quite explained why she and Comet got these powers while several star-world citizens doesn't seem to have it.
  • According to a supposedly artwork, Meteo-san was meant to be blonde and wear a completely different attire.
  • The character Edelweiss from the ova Dokkoider is pretty much similar to Meteo-san and in special her supposedly prototype version. Ruri Umeki (Edelweiss citizen desguice is also similar to Meteo-san)
  • During episode 2, Meteo-san revealed her grudge against Cometto-san due an event occurred in the past which Cometto-san herself doesn't even remember. In the same episode she attempted to kill Cometto-san alongside Tsuyoshi and Nene claiming that she would not have problems getting rid of somebody which was not the prince.
  • Meteo-san was the first to think about the possibility of Keisuke being the prince, however she gave up due his rude attitude and the fact she believed that Imasshun was the prince due his handsome attire.
  • Meteo-san is a boss character in the doujin game Etoile Stars and appearing as a giant version of herself.
  • Meteo-san appears in the doujin game Magical Heroines Plus as a random striker of Cometto-san, she also appear in the super "Shin Miracle Koi Chikara".
  • Meteo-san is a fully playable character in Magical Chaser: Stardust of Dreams.